Why Pay More for the Same Parts?

Find quality used car parts in Waterloo, IA

Replacing car parts after an accident or a breakdown is just something that comes with owning a car. Instead of paying top-dollar for the parts you need to get back on the road, why not get the same quality part for the best price around? For great selection, quality and price on car parts in Waterloo, Iowa, come to Pats Auto Salvage.

The auto industry makes a killing off of drivers who think they need a new part for their car. The truth is, used parts work just as good and can last just as long as new parts. The only difference is used parts are much, much cheaper. So don't commit to pricey parts from dealerships and the box stores. Pats Auto Salvage in Waterloo, IA has the quality car parts you need for less.

Finding the parts you need is quick and easy

Do an inventory search for car parts in Waterloo, IA

Locate the parts you need quickly and easily with our inventory search tool. Simply select your car's make and model, the part you need and click "Search." You'll instantly know if we have the part you need, so no more useless wandering for parts!

Need multiple parts? You can search multi car parts on our Multi-Part Search page. At Pats Auto Salvage, we want to make finding and buying the parts you need quick and easy. Visit our Search Inventory pages to locate your parts and come by Pats Auto Salvage for the best prices in Waterloo, IA.

Get top dollar for your junk car

We buy junk cars in Waterloo, IA

A "junk" car can have a lot of valuable parts. We're able to make affordable, used car parts available to everyone by stocking up on junk cars whenever we can. If you've been sitting on a junk car and want to get the most out of it, sell it at Pats Auto Salvage. You'll get a good penny for it, and you'll be helping out other drivers by giving them the means to find quality, affordable used parts.

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